It’s all about results.

Underlying all our work is the mantra that creative thinking and innovation must drive results for you.  Yes, it’s true that the idea generation phase needs to be engaging, playful, and energizing for you and your team.  That’s a necessary pillar of the creative problem-solving process – because it’s a critical factor in driving results.  But it can’t be only about the playful, divergent phase.  You also need equal attention to the other pillars of innovative thinking.  We help you achieve real results through sharpening your creative thinking at every stage.  With Sharpen Innovation, you get the same level of energy, expertise, and focus on all the phases – including the insight / opportunity discovery on the front end and the hard work of prioritizing and optimizing ideas on the back end.

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We’re committed to embedding insight into all the work we do for you.  Insights drive results, and insights come from people — your team and your customers.  That’s why our approach is human centered and carefully designed to elicit insights.  From people.



shouting guy squareCo-Creation with
 Your Customers

Co-creation with your customers ensures your ideas meet their needs, and in ways they care about.  So, whenever possible, we will urge you to co-create with them.  Our unique methodology transforms your customers into powerful Idea Ignitors®, so you get better ideas from them, which sparks better ideas from you and your team.  How do we turn them into Idea Ignitors®?  By training them in creative thinking tools and techniques.



idea guy squareidea woman squareSharper Thinking from Your Team

Picasso famously said: All children are artists.  The problem is how to remain artists once we grow up.   The truth is that all humans are creative.  But some of us have forgotten that we are — or that we were at one time.  The good news is that research shows – and our experience confirms – that we can all quickly reignite that creative spark, by learning a few basic creative thinking tools and techniques.  We help you rediscover and sharpen that innate creativity you were born with, so you can leverage it to achieve your strategic objectives.  And even better – if you’re already a creative thinker, you’ll sharpen your skills even more when you apply these same tools and techniques.

So, as you might guess, we’re also committed to creating momentum and delivering results for you through training in creative thinking techniques.  That’s why we start EVERY project with at least a brief training for your team.  As a result, you get sharper thinking and better results.  And the benefit extends beyond the individual project.  Many people report that they apply the thinking techniques they learned to all their work, making them more effective problem-solvers on any issue.